Why feedback is a must for a startup building process

by Vikas Paul.


Be it a startup building process or some other path to follow in your life. If you are getting only and only positive feedback, something is horribly wrong and you are not aware of it. Because it is wise to accept the fact that nothing can be perfected within first attempt.   It is the…



Here is what Indian home service startups should tackle immediately!

by Nitya Pydipati. 0 Comments

professional home services

India is taking a leap into the future what with everything at our convenience! Start-ups and entrepreneurs are being encouraged and ideas coming to light; experiments hitting rock-bottom or flourishing nevertheless amazing us! So one of the startups to venture into an unexplored field is HouseJoy (which many believe is inspired from HomeJoy in the…



Check out the EDGE of 6 Real estate websites of India

by Anjali Saboo. 0 Comments

Real estate websites of India

Established players like 99acres (Info Edge) and magicbricks (Times group) may found a healthy competition from real estate start-ups like Housing and Commonfloor backed by foreign investors but they are not at all perturbed by the new wave of online property search. There are innumerable reasons for this but the most



Online Shopping: vogue among women

by Anjali Saboo.

Women online shopping

Women have been showing their dominance in every field of life and growth. They have entered and conquered segments ranging from lifestyle to healthcare and technology. They are equally responsible for expansion and augmentation of e-commerce boom in India and everywhere. On a lighter note, Many women prefer to buy lingerie online for the convenience and…



Living the dream for India – Sundar Pichai, a visionary

by Nitya Pydipati.

Sundar pichai at home

Is there anyone who has not heard of Google? Well, highly unlikely. Especially us Indians who are beaming with pride over the Sundar Pichai who has been recently appointed as the CEO of Google on August 10,2015. He was initially a product manager who later on with his brilliant ideas



Top 5 pro-women Government schemes every women should know

by Anjali Saboo. 0 Comments

Women hostel

Indian Government has been working for the welfare of people and has announced a variety of schemes for the protection, assistance and empowerment of women. These proposals may have been formulated  before or may have been newly formed but because of either no proper promotion or ignorance, we have not been using them to



5 Promising startups from Chandigarh to watch out for

by Vikas Paul. 0 Comments


Chandigarh, the most planned city of India has many accolades to its name. Be it the most cleanest city of India, City with highest per-capita income in the country among all states and Union territories, Happiest city in India as per Happiness Index, first smoke-free city in India. Wide roads and greenery on the sides



How Russia helped India in 1971 War against pakistan

by Vivek Sonchhatra.

Pak army surrender

The war of 1971 between India and Pakistan is also known as Bangladesh Liberation War. This war has won by India with brilliant leadership skills and meticulous tactics by the Indian military. The war was fought for consecutive 13 days initialized by Pakistan Air Force by intentionally demolishing 11 airfields of India. Indira Gandhi led…